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When we clean your windows, we don’t just “wash the glass “

*Basic Window Cleaning Package

1. We take out all screens and hand washed with soap and water and let them dried.

2. Basic track and windowsill wipe-down including sills and ledges.

3.  Interior windows cleaned using a gentle ammonia-free window

soap, soft cotton and scrubber and rubber squeegees. This is a proven safe and effective procedure, even for tinted windows.

4.  Exterior windows scrubbed clean using deionized water which ensures a spot free finish.

* In other words, we are your complete window cleaner. After 13 years in the business

If your area is not listed below Please contact us Linda´s Maids:  (949)735-7503

Serving the following Southern California Cities

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Residential Window Cleaning - Linda´s Maids Services recommend cleaning your windows at least every year. This should be part of your spring cleaning , move in cleaning, moving out cleaning to do list or your holiday clean up before family comes

over. However if your putting your home in the market then this is

a must do on your realtors list. You want your home looking the

best and so do we. We are highly skilled and very detailed from the

tracks and screens we clean, to the interior and exterior windows

we leave spotless.

Commercial Window Cleaning - Now this can be a difficult task if

you own a place of business or store front  that has a high volume

of traffic. The Windex, smearing, also the fingerprints it all just

to much to handle. Linda´s Maids Services  are window cleaners who can solve

this problem for you. We use some of the most advanced techniques

and technology to help us give you a ultimate clear view of your

customers before they come thru your door.

Do you have natural debris that are  obscuring your view?

Nonetheless whatever that is NOT Natural such as paint over  spray, caulking, concrete or any  foreign debris caused by construction  is considered a construction clean up  and a extra charges does apply  depending on the severity of all  windows combine.

Construction clean up is a very gratifying and also a tedious job.

There is no reason wondering why a  clean up like this cost additional.

Remember  the standard cleaning? Now add in the  amount  of cautiously scraping each and  every window with a fine razor to  {take away all adhered debris on the  window . Washing the windows again,  scrubbing with a mild abrasive pad,  wash all over again,

then squeegee and dry.  During the procedure the entire window  is

basically being cleaned a total  of around 6 times vs 2-3 times with a  

standard cleaning. And lets not overlook about those hard water spots

which  need lots of scrubbing and also scrapping.

Hard water is by no means guaranteed to be  spot free! This happens since the  hard water calcium build up is harder  than the soft panes of glass in your  windows. Now know for certain the white  calcium build up will disappear  without a trace. But what will  slightly stay is etching of what  looks like dried water drops on the  window.

Deionized Water

Deionized Water or DIW is just what it sounds like.  Water with no ions or  demineralized water.  Tap water which  has 10% copper, 6% calcium, 5%  magnesium and 3% sodium splashed on a  window will undoubtedly spot the windows.  This is because tap water has mineral deposits. In short it´s dirty water and dirty water left  to dry is equivalent to spotted windows or if  left untreated causes HARD WATER SPOTS!!!

The process of deionizing water is as  simple as hooking up a garden hose  up to a DI tank and turning the faucet  on. DIW works by using two types on  resins. A positive charged resin  called a Cation and a negative charge resin called a Anion.


Removed by Anion Resins

Chlorides ( Cl- )

Sulfates ( SO 4-2)

Nitrates (NO 3 )

Carbonates ( CO 3-2)

Silca (SIO3- )

Hydroxyl (OH- )


Removed by Cation Resins

Calcium ( CA ++ )

Magnesium ( Mg++ )

Iron ( Fe+++)

Manganese (Mn ++)

Sodium ( Na++)

Hydrogen ( H+ )

Each resins draws minerals inside  the tanks and filters out pure Deionized water.  Pure DIW must not  exceed 10 PPM ( Parts Per Million ) on  a TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids )  meter.

Why DIW? DI water has monopolizied the window cleaning industry. Since this  water is so pure it leaves behind no residue and it holds its clean look  longer. This is because the water literally evaporates off the windows leaving a spot free pane of glass with no residue for dirt or dust to cling  to. 85% of exterior standard window  cleaning is done by usinf DI water  fed poles.  At the end of the pole is  a precise rigid yet soft scrub brush with  two hose fitted to the top of the  brush.  On the bottom of the brush are  two water jets that distributes the DIW to  the windows. The greater part of work with  water fed poles are done from the  ground. This cuts out the use of  ladders and multiplies exterior work  production by 40%. When using a fed  pole it normally takes around 60 - 90  seconds to clean a standard window.   All that

is necessary for cleaning is a  thorough scrubbing and a good rinse.   

But windows are not the only thing DIW is good for.  

Window Cleaning Processes

Standard Cleaning vs Construction  Clean Up

A standard clean is your most basic  window cleaning. It involves washing  and squeegee of all interior and  exterior windows.

This also includes  the screens and tracks.  Most  companies charge extra for this service  in their standard cleaning. One of the  most used ways is working into the  window price and " throwing it in"  sort of speak.  But the reason we do  this as professional window

cleaners is because it  is actually three separate jobs.


1 - Removing, washing and also replacing the screens.


2 - Scraping, vacuuming, wiping the tracks.

3 - Washing, mild scrubbing,  squeegee  and dry wiping window   

frame corners.

We actually include the window tracks  but charge extra for the screens.

So typically with a standard cleaning  you should have a clean screen, window tracks and a streak less window inside  and out clean of dirt, yellow pollen  dots and skyline windows.


All of our mobile screen repair service comes with  SATISFACTION

GUARANTEE!!! When it comes to repair and replacement we DON'T just simply take measurements one day and appear with brand new screens the next. WE BUILD AND CUSTOM FIT EVERY SCREEN ONSITE!!! This is truly the only way to ensure you get a proper fitted screen. NO WORRIES, NO HASSLES,JUST THE PERFECT FIT.

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